HSP27 Vaccination Lowers Cholesterol AND Inflammation

Novel mechanism for upregulated LDL-R expression, lowering of PCSK9 and reduction in systemic, plaque and hepatic inflammatory biomarkers. 

Now in press at ATVB: https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/ATVBAHA.121.315933

HSP27 combines with anti-HSP27 IgG antibodies to form immune complexes that dock at the hepatocyte cell membrane, engage the receptor TLR4, activate the NF-kB pathway and upregulate the expression of the LDL-R (independent of SREBP2). Plasma LDL cholesterol and PCSK9 levels fall because of the increased clearance by the more abundant LDL-Rs.

Inflammation biomarkers are markedly reduced in:
– blood (serum amyloid A levels drop >70%)
– liver (cytokines: IL-1beta, TNF-alpha)
– plaque (fewer macrophages & cholesterol crystals)

Net result: reduction in atherosclerosis

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