New “One-Two Punch” to Fight Atherosclerosis

New “One-Two Punch” to Fight Atherosclerosis

HSP27 Vaccination Lowers Cholesterol AND Inflammation

Novel mechanism for upregulated LDL-R expression, lowering of PCSK9 and reduction in systemic, plaque and hepatic inflammatory biomarkers. 

Now in press at ATVB:

HSP27 combines with anti-HSP27 IgG antibodies to form immune complexes that dock at the hepatocyte cell membrane, engage the receptor TLR4, activate the NF-kB pathway and upregulate the expression of the LDL-R (independent of SREBP2). Plasma LDL cholesterol and PCSK9 levels fall because of the increased clearance by the more abundant LDL-Rs.

Inflammation biomarkers are markedly reduced in:
– blood (serum amyloid A levels drop >70%)
– liver (cytokines: IL-1beta, TNF-alpha)
– plaque (fewer macrophages & cholesterol crystals)

Net result: reduction in atherosclerosis

Gala Grateful

Grateful to be celebrated with my peers at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta’s 6th Annual Gala. The community came together again to recognize and foster excellence in cardiovascular care and research.