October 2019 BBA General Subjects publication from the O’Brien lab advances the knowledge base for understanding the interaction of anti-HSP27 antibodies with HSP27. Such HSP27 immune complexes are involved in extra-cellular cellular signalling that results in the reduction in atherogenesis, cholesterol levels and inflammation.

Model of HSP27 Monomer

“Biophysical analyses and functional implications of the interaction between heat shock protein 27 and antibodies to HSP27”
by: Michael H. Chiu, Chunhua Shi, Matthew Rosin, Zarah Batulan, Edward R. O’Brien

The structure of HSP27 was modeled using the PHYRE Protein Fold Recognition Server, intensive mode, generating a 3D structure in which 174 aa (85% of the total 205 aa sequence) were modeled at >90% accuracy.

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